Customer Loyalty Program & Sharing With Friends.

On: Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Receive loyalty points for every $1 you spend online! The process is simply, but we've explained the process in a bit more detail.

My Theme Jewellery and Accessories has introduced a new Customer Loyalty Program which rewards registered customers for every purchase made.

1. Checking the points you can earn.

Before you make a purchase, you can view the loyalty points value of each purchase underneath the product title.


You can also find the total loyalty points underneath your shopping cart during checkout.


Spend $1 = 10 Loyalty Points = Receive $0.12 Voucher

Spend $10 = 100 Loyalty Points = Receive $1.20 Voucher

Spend $50 = 500 Loyalty Points = Receive $6.00 Voucher

2. Claiming Points

Loyalty points are exclusive to registered customers only - so if you haven't already registered you can create an account today.

After you have completed checkout and paid, you will be automatically rewarded with your carts total rewards points. You can redeem these points as actual dollar vouchers at anytime for your future purchases.

To claim your points, you need to sign in to your user profile. Your dashboard will show the following 'My Loyalty Points' button:

3. Converting Points to Vouchers

Once you have gone into the loyalty points section of your customer dashboard, you will see a table similar to the one below. The table shows a summary of all your credited points and a tally.

If you would like to convert your points into a cash voucher, simply hit 'Transform my points...' button.

4. Using Vouchers

A table will now show with your voucher and the details from where the voucher originated. Note: the table above will show your status as "Already Converted".

To use the voucher, simply copy the code and insert into the 'Voucher Code' field at the bottom of your checkout table.

Want to gift the voucher to a friend?

The vouchers are generated under your registered customer account and can only be used by you, but if you're the giving type of person and would like to send your voucher to a friend (after converting), then My Theme Jewellery will be glad to do it for you!

Simply contact us with the Subject Heading: "Gift My Voucher" and inside the message body tell us your friends email and confirm your voucher code.

We'll add your friends email to the voucher. It's that easy!


Voucher discount is subtracted from product costs only and do not include deductions on shipping costs (if any).

Vouchers cannot be used with express paypal checkout - you will need to go through the site's one-page-checkout system (you can pay via PayPal here).

Voucher cannot be combined with later vouchers once the loyalty points have been converted.

One voucher per person.

Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of conversion.

Vouchers can be used in conjunction with store discounts and other offers!

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