How to connect your new charm onto a wood bead bracelet using a jump ring

On: Friday, January 30, 2015

A quick guide to help you add 'My Theme Jewellery' charms to your bracelet.

What you need:

- A pair of small pliers (preferably two): You can get them as cheap as $4 at your local hardware store.

- Charm + Jump Ring: All our individual charms come with a FREE matching jump ring. 

- Bracelet: Wood, acrylic, glass, stone beads and thin leather bracelets available.

Step 1 - Setup and Position

If you purchased your charm from our online store, then it would have come with the jump ring already on the charm.

Use flat nose or snipe nose pliers, (flat on the inside) to help you get a good grip on the jump ring. Keep the jump ring split facing up. With the tip of your plier, pinch the jump ring about 1/4 of the way from the split.

Step 3 - Grab and Twist

Twist open the jump ring using another pair of pliers (or your finger tips), twisting it open away from you. Only open the ring as wide as you need.

Step 3 - Connect Charm to Bracelet

Slip the charm on the jump ring by feeding the opened jump ring through the charm's eyelet. Grab a hold of your bracelet where you would like the charm located. If the bracelet is elastic, then stretch the beads out to give you a bit more space. Slide the bracelet cord into the open jump ring.

Alternative: You might find it easier to slip the jump ring onto the bracelet first and then add the charm (this will help stop the beads from moving around). 

Step 4 - Close Jump Ring

To close, twist back towards you, letting the ends of the jump ring slide next to each other. To get a really secure fit, twist the ring with the ends slightly overlapping each other. Use the wider part of your pliers or the smooth flat part (if available) to finish the close. You will hear a slight 'click' when it is securely closed.


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