Top 6 survival tips for men: what jewellery should you wear at music festivals?

On: Friday, January 30, 2015

You've already spent over $180 of your hard earned savings on the next music festival ticket, so why spend more than you need to on fashion accessories?

My Theme Jewellery shows you how to get a custom festive look while saving your cash for over-priced mid-strength beer at the festival bar.

Men's Savage Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace with Rubber Cord and Lobster Clasp1. Travel light.

Unless you're Lady Gaga, leave your 4cm thick gold chain and bracelet for the next Snoop Dog (or whatever his name is now) music video. Do you really want to be lugging around a heavy necklace? No!

Go for something light and thin which can freely move around without taking someones eye out when you swing around. Leather wrist straps are much lighter than a chunky chain and it looks more natural. The same goes for wood beads, threaded cords and silicone necklaces - light and easy to wear.

Tip: Let the emphasis be on the charm or pendant you're brandishing.

2. Less is more!

That's right, we're telling you to buy less from us!

Be specific with the number of accessories and theme you're going with. Bracelet stacks are great but too much means restricting your movement, especially when catching the drummer's stick or throwing your mate up for crowd surfing. You also don't want to look like a try-hard advertising campaign... they have promo babes for that!

Even though it's a casual affair, you can afford to sacrifice a massive stack for functionality and flexibility.

Men's braided leather bracelet with wood beads

Tip: Make your bracelet charms match the theme of your necklace, or any other accessories you're wearing. You'll look like you fit in with an exclusive crowd (no, not the alluminate).

3. Adjustability

It might not sound like a real word, but it makes sense to have jewellery which you can adjust during the day and into the night. Remember, it's likely to get hot, sweaty and steamy amongst the crowd of fellow music lovers, so your wrists, fingers and ankles are going to swell.

After a while jewellery will start cutting off your blood circulation - so wear something that can be tightened and loosened according to your 'swell factor'.

Tip: Some jewellery can only be adjusted once or twice before it's permanent or loses it's 'adjustability' strength. Look for something that has a strong cord and a good knot which won't tighten with every tug.

4. Colours, colours and colours!

Most major festivals run during summer and spring because the weather (especially in Western Australia) is fan-dam-tastic, so wear something with lots of bright colours which match your attire. Don't be afraid to throw in something a little wild that stands out - bright oranges, blues, greens and reds can add some punch to your overall look.

Adjustable Leather Bracelet

Tip: Experiment with different colours that you might think 'don't match'. Try a blue and yellow combo!

Caution: Don’t go over kill with colours, stick to about 3 bright colours and 1 neutral colour – it’s a music festival, not a Brazillian mardi-gras.

5. Beads and wraps.

Beads are great fun and work for both men and women. Mix up the shapes and sizes. Go for a blend of wood types - cocco beads with solid coloured pine wood helps break up a bracelet stack. While you're at it, throw in a simple and small leather wrap or corded bracelet.

Tip: If your attire is a fairly cluttered (eg. multi coloured check-shirt) then opt for a more simple set of beads and wrist bands to help balance things out.

6. If you go too loose, you lose.

Make sure that anything you wear will wrap and fit around you comfortably without dangling or sagging too much. The last thing you want is for someone’s fingers accidently ripping your jewellery right off you and losing it amongst the trampling feet.


Bonus Tips:

- Try something from our water friendly range if you're planning on getting right into the mosh pit, covered in peoples sweat and the occasional water hosing from the bouncers.

-When you get home, give your jewellery a quick rinse to wash off all the salt and spilt drinks. Remember to dry straight after. The sooner you do this, the longer your jewellery will last.

- Always have standby jewellery which you can gift (loan) to your male/female counterpart if you're getting to know them a bit more ;) They'll have something to remember you by and it's a good excuse to see them later on.

- Keep your shirt/singlet on - please! You'll look wierd with nothing on but a stack of accessories.

- Last but not least - be creative, have fun and be unique. Our online shop is full of individual bracelets, charms, leather cords and pendants so that you can throw on your own style and story together.

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