'Black and White' Simple Braided Thread Leather and Bead Bracelet Stack

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Some things should just be 'black and white'. Like this stack of 4 individual bracelets, you can keep it straight forward yet stylish.

Braided leather and cotton bracelets will fit any wrist size while the beads have an elastic cord to make it easy to slide over. Silicone bracelet cuff has some flex and stretch in it.

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My Theme Jewellery and Accessories online store stocks a wide range of men's and women's jewellery focusing on indie styled, unisex bracelets. We deal with different shapes and sizes of wood bead bracelets and leather wrist bands in a bunch of colours that can be purchased individually or in pre-made combination sets.

You'll also find wallets, hats, necklaces, anklets, individual charms and pendants with a unique range specifically made to suit music beach and surf conditions. My Theme Jewellery & Accessories are great for your next casual or semi-formal occasion and perfect for any music or cultural festival.

Bead Size (Width): 5-8mm
Bead Type: Pine Wood
Material: Genuine Leather
Cord: 1mm thick, elastic nylon
Circumference: 18 - 24
Individual Bracelets: 4

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